Gigi Hadid gives a glimpse of her baby bump for the first time

 Gigi Hadid gives a glimpse of her baby bump for the first time

Supermodel Gigi Hadid opened up her pregnancy in detail for the first time and even gave a glimpse of her baby bump.

The fashionista during an Instagram Live session on Wednesday addressed questions about why she kept the news concealed from the world as she promoted her new V Magazine Gigi Journal Part II issue.

“I’m so grateful for the positive comments and the questions and wanting just to know that we’re all good and safe and everything’s going great and I love you guys. I do appreciate those positive comments,” she said.

“Obviously I think a lot of people are confused why I’m not sharing more but like, I’m pregnant through a pandemic, like obviously my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world,” she continued.

“That’s a reason that I felt that it’s not really something that I need to share apart from with my family and friends. Obviously a lot of people have lost lives due to coronavirus that was in the beginning of quarantine and still happening. And then we moved obviously into the reemergence of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement, and I thought that our presence on social media should be used for that.”

“I have been taking a lot of pictures of my bump and sending it to friends and family and it’s been very cute and exciting and I’m trying to document it well because I’ve heard a lot of people say obviously make sure you don’t miss it,” she said.

“And I will be sharing stuff like that in the future. I just am not rushed to do it, and I feel like right now I just want to experience it ,and I write in my journal a lot, and I just don’t want to worry about waking up everyday during my pregnancy and like worry about having to like look cute or post something and like so, a lot of questions were about that and I just wanted to do that,” she added.

Speaking about her maternity style, the model said: “Pregnancy, like all I want to wear is like loose stuff. This is ok, this is not sponsored, the Holiday, Holiday the brand sent me these I don’t even know what it’s made of, some linen kind of vibe like a few sets and it’s all I want to wear…I can wear like the drawstring pants like below my belly like these are open so they’re not so tight and it’s so hot and sweaty.”

“But anyway, people are like oh you didn’t look pregnant in your jumpsuit on last [Instagram] live,” she said.

“That’s because this way I’m going to look normally how I look in this. The reason I said that it’s a different story is that, okay, there’s my belly, y’all. Like it’s there. It’s just that from the front, it’s different, you know what I mean?” she added.

She went on to add that she will eventually share the entire process with her fans when she feels ready. “I just like taking my time with sharing my pregnancy and you guys will see it when you see it. I’m getting cute stuff.”

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