Fans concerned about Justin Bieber after seeing his wife Hailey comforting him in a viral video

 Fans concerned about Justin Bieber after seeing his wife Hailey comforting him in a viral video

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Justin Bieber’s fans are rallying around him after a new Coachella video surfaced online last week. It showed the 29-year-old “Yummy” singer looking tired while his wife, Hailey, 26, comforted him by rubbing his back.

A video of Bieber slumped over a barricade went viral, and many of his fans are concerned about his health. Fans are concerned about the video and urge Bieber to take care of himself.

During The Kid LAROI’s set at the Indio Music Festival, the “Love Yourself” hitmaker wore a black hoodie with a white shirt beneath as he leaned on a railing with Hailey’s hand on his back. The model wore a white tank top with her short brown hair tucked under a blue baseball cap.

The video of Mrs. Bieber comforting the “Baby” crooner started making the rounds online, with fans expressing their worries for him on Twitter and elsewhere. “He doesn’t want to be there you can tell he has very bad anxiety being placed too long,” one fan suspected as another shared an additional video of Bieber looking more upbeat and dancing, writing: “It seemed like he was having a good time Friday night at metros set. who knows maybe he’s just tired of going too hard on day 1.”

Someone else tweeted, “he is obviously not well,” and another feared, “Is he ok???” One other fan tried to calm others down, asserting, “he has anxiety and she’s comforting him y’all are reading too much into this.” Justin Bieber Seen Dancing And Fist-Bumping Fans Later On

In the other video of Bieber that garnered thousands of views, he was seen fist-bumping fans and looking better, much to their delight. “See guys he’s fine,” someone wrote as another pointed out that he has had a “recent health scare, to be fair.”

Last year, Bieber told fans about his Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, which forced him to postpone a tour. Hailey disclosed in March of last year that she had a mini-stroke and was hospitalized. Fortunately, both Biebers appear to be doing considerably better, as seen by Hailey’s photo collection post with Coachella fans last week.

She included cactus emojis in her April 17th Instagram post caption, along with clothing pictures, memes, and a sweet picture of herself embracing her husband with both of them smiling.

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