Ed Sheeran ‘wants to buy out’ owners of 3 houses on edge of his £3.7m estate

 Ed Sheeran ‘wants to buy out’ owners of 3 houses on edge of his £3.7m estate

The Shape Of You singer, 29, wants to purchase the homes to “neaten up” his estate because their gardens encroach on his land, according to The Sun.

He has slowly been accumulating the land around his palatial home in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk, turning it into what has become known locally as ‘Sheeranville’.

Ed owns five of the properties on the land, which with all the buildings is thought to be worth around £3.7million.But two bungalows and larger two-story home with huge gardens are in the middle of his estate. The hitmaker, whose worth is thought to be around £200million, is said to be “desperate” to complete his estate.

It’s claimed he has let his three neighbours know that he would like first refusal if they do decide to sell. A source told the site: “The homeowners know that Ed will give them the best price if and when they decide to move on.

“The homes are right in the middle of Ed’s land on the main road, so it will just neaten everything up if he can get his hands on all three over the coming years.”

The source added: “The gardens of the homes jut into the middle of fields owned by Ed and mean that he must take a long way round if he wants to visit a lake on at the far edge of his property.”

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