All I Had To Do Was Drink And Kiss Gwen Stefani,’ Blake Shelton recalls from his wedding

 All I Had To Do Was Drink And Kiss Gwen Stefani,’ Blake Shelton recalls from his wedding

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Blake Shelton recalled how his wife, singer Gwen Stefani, took care of everything for their wedding, leaving him with nothing to do but show up and enjoy their special day.

On Monday, the 45-year-old musician appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” recalling how a waiter once told him how lazy he was for not assisting with the wedding preparations and instead relying on Stefani.

“‘Well, I’m letting Gwen do whatever she wants for the wedding,’ I said in an interview. ‘Oh, look, he’s already a lazy deadbeat spouse,’ commented another writer “Shelton recalled something. “However, the truth is that I am.” Shelton went on to say, “But it was all her vision and concept. It was as simple as drinking and kissing Gwen Stefani.

It was the most amazing job I’d ever had!” He went on to explain why he didn’t invite his friend Adam Levine, a singer, to the wedding.

“That interview he did on your show is why we didn’t invite him to the wedding,” Shelton joked. “It’s as if I’m saying, ‘I’m not welcoming him.’” Levine joked about Shelton and Stefani’s impending marriage on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in April, before the pair wedded in July, stating, “I don’t support their marriage.”

While Shelton humorously responded to DeGeneres’ query, it’s unclear whether the aforementioned interview was the real reason Levine wasn’t invited to the wedding.

During a recent interview, Shelton also revealed that the wedding had fewer than 30 guests.

“It was fantastic. It was exactly what was required “Added he.

The musician then revealed his plans with Stefani, especially since the holidays are approaching. It will be the couple’s first Christmas together as husband and wife.

He said, “I’m getting her a bunch of stuff.” “I’m not sure if she’ll like any of it, but it’ll look nice in the wrapping paper.” Shelton was formerly married to Kaynette Williams, whom he married from 2003 to 2006. From 2011 to 2015, he was married to Miranda Lambert. Stefani was formerly married to Gavin Rossdale, who she married from 2002 to 2016.

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