Dean McDermott confirms new love interest amid Tori Spelling Divorce

 Dean McDermott confirms new love interest amid Tori Spelling Divorce


Dean McDermott has put an end to relationship rumors by making his new romance with girlfriend Lily Calo official on social media, amidst his ongoing divorce with Tori Spelling. On Wednesday, May 15, the 57-year-old actor shared a photograph on Instagram, featuring himself and Calo, making their relationship public.

In the caption accompanying the photo, McDermott expressed his affection for Calo, writing, “Sometimes ya just gotta put on your best duds and take your girl to The Magic Castle. Cuz she’s Magic!! [magician’s hat emoji] #mylovey.” The picture shows the couple enjoying their time together, highlighting their newfound happiness.

Lily Calo, who is a senior account executive at the health brand Conscious Community Global, also shared a sweet photo with McDermott on her social media account. She opted for a black-and-white photo of the duo, both smiling widely at the camera, capturing their joyful moments, reports People.

Tori Spelling, who turns 51 on May 16, showed her support for the new couple by commenting on Calo’s post with a heartfelt message, “Love you both [red heart emoji].” She also liked McDermott’s Instagram post, indicating her acceptance of the new relationship despite their ongoing divorce.

The social media debut of McDermott and Calo as a couple comes just days after McDermott filed for the dissolution of his marriage with Spelling on May 13. In the court filings, McDermott cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce. Interestingly, he listed a different date of separation from Spelling, citing July 7, 2023, which contrasts with the date mentioned by Spelling.

This new chapter in McDermott’s life is unfolding as he and Spelling navigate their separation. The couple, who had been married for several years, faced numerous challenges throughout their relationship, and their decision to part ways has been a significant development. Despite the complexities, McDermott’s move to go public with his relationship with Calo suggests a step towards new beginnings and happiness.

In summary, Dean McDermott has made his relationship with Lily Calo official on social media amidst his divorce proceedings with Tori Spelling. The couple’s public display of affection and Spelling’s supportive response indicates a positive shift in their personal lives as they move forward. McDermott’s new relationship marks a fresh start as he and Spelling work through their separation, embracing new opportunities and relationships.

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