Christina Applegate narrates her past struggles with ‘eating disorder’

 Christina Applegate narrates her past struggles with ‘eating disorder’


Christina Applegate recently opened up about her long struggle with an eating disorder, which she battled for many years. The actress discussed her experiences on a recent episode of the podcast MeSsy, which she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Applegate revealed that her issues with food began during her time on the iconic TV show “Married…With Children.” Reflecting on her role, she admitted that it was her decision to wear revealing outfits on the show. “I kind of shot myself in the foot because then I had to wear these outfits and I wanted my bones to be sticking out,” she explained.

Applegate reminisced that her mother put her in Weight Watchers, a weight loss program when she was 15. “She was always competitive,” said the actress about her mom, who had body image issues of her own.

“If I got down to 110 [pounds]… she’d be like, ‘Oh! I’m so mad! How’d you do it? How’d you get down to 110?’ And the reason why was because I had an eating disorder.” “I was sitting on the toilet and I saw only bones and it scared the shit out of me,” said Applegate. In her 30s, Applegate started eating normally and “figured it out.”

The pressure to maintain a certain appearance took a toll on her, leading to a prolonged struggle with an eating disorder. Applegate’s desire to meet the industry’s and her own expectations of physical appearance perpetuated her unhealthy relationship with food. She felt compelled to conform to an image that required extreme thinness, which significantly impacted her health and well-being, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Throughout her career, Applegate has faced numerous personal and professional challenges, but her struggle with an eating disorder was one of the most difficult battles. Despite the pressures and demands of Hollywood, she has managed to overcome this significant obstacle.

In sharing her story, Applegate hopes to shed light on the often-hidden struggles that many individuals face, especially those in the public eye. Her candidness about her eating disorder aims to encourage others dealing with similar issues to seek help and recognize that they are not alone.

By opening up about her past, Applegate demonstrates the importance of self-acceptance and the courage it takes to confront personal demons. Her journey toward recovery highlights the resilience required to overcome such deep-seated issues and serves as an inspiration to others struggling with body image and eating disorders.

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