Cher wants to tie the knot with Alexander in a grand wedding celebration

 Cher wants to tie the knot with Alexander in a grand wedding celebration

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Cher is planning a grand wedding with her boyfriend, Alexander AE Edwards, and hopes to make it a spectacular celebration. According to a source, there are concerns about the practicality of the marriage, with some advising that she should have a solid prenuptial agreement in place to protect her assets.

Despite these concerns, Cher is determined to have a wedding that reflects her status and legacy. The source explained that Cher views this as potentially her last wedding and believes she deserves to celebrate it in a manner befitting royalty.

A source spilled to the National Enquirer, “Cher is aware how her kids feel about her romance — and they’ve had some blowout arguments over it, but this is her life and she wants to get married.” “Her kids haven’t accepted it — they think AE’s bad news and that he’s just looking to take their gullible mom to the cleaners,” revealed an insider.

“She loves to spend summers in Europe and the thought of getting married in an old castle really appeals to her, like a scene out of Love Actually. She wants a ceremony that lasts several days with live music and an unforgettable party,” explained the tipster.

The source stated, “Cher is madly in love and willing to spend tens of millions to celebrate it.” “She’s got the money, so why not? And she wants to do this soon, while AE is still crazy about her,” noted an insider.

“Either they accept it or they don’t come, because Cher won’t tolerate any negativity from her kids or anyone else,” continued an insider. The source added, “After being on her own for so long, she’s excited about life again.”

This sentiment underscores her desire to make the occasion truly special and memorable. The source also revealed that Cher’s children, Chaz and Elijah, might face restrictions regarding their attendance at the wedding. Specifically, they will only be allowed to participate if they can behave appropriately and show respect towards AE.

This condition highlights the importance Cher places on maintaining harmony and respect within her family dynamics as she embarks on this new chapter of her life. Cher’s relationship with AE Edwards has been closely followed by fans and media alike, and this upcoming wedding is no exception. Her intention to have a lavish and royal-like wedding aligns with her larger-than-life persona and her long-standing status as an entertainment icon.

The potential prenuptial agreement reflects a pragmatic approach to ensure her financial security while she embraces this significant personal milestone. Overall, Cher’s plans for her wedding with AE Edwards reflect a blend of romance, practicality, and a desire to celebrate her life and love in an extraordinary way.

The conditions set for her children’s attendance further emphasize her commitment to a respectful and joyous celebration. As Cher moves forward with her wedding plans, it is clear that she intends to make it an unforgettable event that honors her unique journey and enduring legacy.

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