Britney Spears Struggling With Dog Issues Again After Pup Sam Asghari Abandoned Her, Animal Control got Involved

 Britney Spears Struggling With Dog Issues Again After Pup Sam Asghari Abandoned Her, Animal Control got Involved

Image by The Mirror

Britney Spears has regularly made the news in recent months for a variety of reasons. Most of the talk has been on her bikini photos and other social media posts, as well as the alleged intervention for her supposed substance abuse. She has previously been accused of storming out of a restaurant.

This week, though, Spears was engaged in a different type of issue with one of her feline pets. The pop sensation is dealing with dog troubles after a puppy given to her by their husband Sam Asghari got loose, forcing animal control to interfere.

Why Did Animal Control Get Involved In Britney Spears’ Latest Dog Situation?

Britney Spears has several dogs, including a Doberman named Porsha. According to TMZ, the dog wandered about Spears and Sam Ashghari’s Thousand Oaks neighborhood after escaping the property on Thursday. The dog eventually came upon a man riding his bike.

The man, who’s in his 70s, apparently got off his cycle before the dog bit him in the leg. Soon after, a member of Spears’ security team came to the scene to capture the animal.

According to Yahoo News, the man who was bitten was treated at an Urgent Care. According to some sources, the dog only gave him a “nip” rather than a full-blown bite. Yet, the artist apparently received a call from animal control as a result of the attack.

The govt agency allegedly suggested that the 41-year-old actress and her husband take precautions to ensure that their pet does not escape from the premises again.

There is no word on how the “…Baby One More Time” singer replied to the call. Nonetheless, one would think she and her husband would prefer that none of their pets leave the property.

Porsha, like her previous dogs, appears to be very dear to her, as she posted about the dog when Sam Asghari gave it to her in October 2021, according to TMZ. The hound’s arrival coincided with another canine-related tragedy for Spears.

Two of Britney Spears’s Dogs Seemingly Went Missing At One Point

Britney Spears and her housekeeper allegedly got into a heated argument about two of her dogs in August 2021, according to reports.

The pups allegedly disappeared early that month. Spears was under the impression at the time that her father, Jamie (who oversaw her dissolved conservatorship), was somehow to blame. Yet, that was not the true cause.

According to reports, the dogs were taken away by a dog sitter and a housekeeper who were worried about the animals’ health.

According to Page Six, the dogs were being abused and were on the verge of death when they were taken to the vet. Evidently, the sitter just hadn’t returned the pups but did so by the end of August.

Britney Spears is expected to resume her social media hijinks now that this latest situation appears to be resolved. One would expect that she and Sam Asghari will keep a closer check on Porsha and their other dogs if they do not want to deal with animal control again.

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