Blake Shelton calls Gwen Stefani’s Coachella performance ‘the best concert’

 Blake Shelton calls Gwen Stefani’s Coachella performance ‘the best concert’


Blake Shelton recently commended Gwen Stefani for her outstanding performance at the Coachella festival. Although Shelton was unable to attend the event as he was committed to engagements in Las Vegas, he managed to catch a glimpse of Stefani’s show through a video. His reaction was full of admiration for her talent and the energy she brought to the stage.

In a new interview with E! News, The occasion was marked by Stefani’s unexpected appearance alongside Olivia Rodrigo, which occurred on April 13. This performance became one of the highlights of the festival, surprising fans and adding a layer of excitement to the event. Stefani, who is known for her dynamic stage presence and vocal prowess, delivered a show that resonated well with the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

“You could tell that they just have that energy and that connection with each other and it’s the best concert I think I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Shelton while speaking of Stefani. Shelton stated, “It was unbelievable. I was able to watch it on YouTube. It was incredible.” “You can’t even imagine the rehearsals leading up to that because she hasn’t played with those guys in like nine years,” remarked the musician.

In addition to her surprise performance at Coachella, Stefani had also recently joined Shelton on stage. This event took place at the grand opening of Shelton’s new bar. The couple’s collaboration on stage added a personal touch to the celebration and was received warmly by fans who were thrilled to see them perform together. “They had to get in there and dust off the music and get it going again,” stated Shelton.

“I felt guilty to even ask her to do it, but not so guilty that I didn’t ask her,” quipped Shelton. “From the second they opened the door just as a practice run it’s just been non-stop,” shared the musician Shelton told the outlet, “People love having a Nashville connection in Las Vegas because so many country music fans come to Las Vegas.”

“Whether they’re coming to a concert or they’re just coming to Las Vegas because it’s Las Vegas. And to be able to take a break from gambling or whatever you’re doing here and just come have a beer and listen to some live country music is pretty special,” added the musician.

Shelton, in the interview with E! News, shared his thoughts on the recent opening of his bar, Ole Red, in Sin City. He expressed satisfaction and pride in the successful launch of his latest venture. The opening event not only featured performances but also showcased the culmination of Shelton’s efforts to create a vibrant new spot for entertainment in Las Vegas.

This period has been significant for both Shelton and Stefani, professionally and personally. Their recent activities highlight their mutual support for each other’s careers and their ability to balance their professional commitments with their personal lives. As they continue to make public appearances and perform together, they strengthen their bond in the public eye, demonstrating a partnership that extends beyond their music careers.

Overall, Shelton’s expression of support for Stefani’s Coachella performance underscores the deep connection and professional respect that exists between the couple. As they navigate their busy schedules, events like Coachella and the launch of Ole Red provide opportunities for them to support each other and enjoy their successes together. Shelton’s pride in Stefani’s achievements and his successful bar opening are testaments to their enduring partnership and shared commitment to their respective crafts.

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