Bianca Censori Visits Family in Australia Amid Concerns Over Kanye West’s Alleged Adult Film Plans

 Bianca Censori Visits Family in Australia Amid Concerns Over Kanye West’s Alleged Adult Film Plans


Bianca Censori, Yeezy architect and wife of rapper Kanye West, has recently traveled to Australia to visit her family amid growing concerns about her involvement in Kanye’s controversial business ventures. This visit comes after reports surfaced about Kanye planning to launch an adult site, raising alarms about Bianca’s potential involvement in the adult film industry.

The couple, who reportedly married in 2022 following Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian, has consistently captured media attention due to their public behaviors and Kanye’s influence on Bianca’s wardrobe, leading some to speculate he is molding her into “Kim 2.0.” Their actions, including NSFW activities during a trip to Venice that resulted in them being banned from a boating service, keep them in the continuous glare of public scrutiny.

According to a report by Herald Sun, Censori was seen dining with her parents at Mario’s Café in Fitzroy, Melbourne. During her solo trip, she notably switched her usual revealing attire for a more conservative khaki Miu Miu sweater dress and enjoyed a bowl of spaghetti carbonara. The purpose of her visit is speculated to be both familial and an effort to reassure her family amidst the controversy surrounding Kanye’s proposed adult entertainment venture.

The Daily Mail highlights the deep concerns of Bianca’s family, who fear Kanye might be drawing her into the adult film sector as part of a strategy to promote his new Yeezy porn project. Allegedly, Kanye has convinced Bianca that entering the adult film industry could significantly enhance their wealth.

A source close to the family shared with the Daily Mail, “Bianca’s family was initially trying to understand that Kanye was not coercing her into any decisions. They recognized Kanye and Bianca’s joint effort in a clothing brand, but with Bianca having two feminist sisters and a feminist mother, it’s difficult for them to accept her potential involvement in this explicit new business endeavor.”

The source added, “The idea that he’s pulling her into the adult film realm and using her image to promote sexual indecency is both shocking and distressing for her family.”

In stark contrast to these developments, Kanye West was also seen supporting his daughter, North West, who played Young Simba in a live Lion King concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Kanye, alongside his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, recorded the performance and celebrated North’s role with a standing ovation, showcasing a moment of family unity amidst the ongoing controversies.

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