Ben Affleck is upset and jealous of Jennifer Lopez’s decision to leave him

 Ben Affleck is upset and jealous of Jennifer Lopez’s decision to leave him

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Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are said to be dating, rumors about their connection continue to swirl. Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband is said to be uncomfortable and jealous of the pop star’s plans to leave him one day.

Is this a true statement? Will Jennifer Lopez leave Ben Affleck in favor of someone else?

According to the Globe, Ana de Armas’ ex is frequently irritated with the Latina actress and singer and treats her as the head of the household. This has apparently made the 49-year-old actor fearful that she will dump him one day.

According to a purported insider, the Gone Girl actress, not the 52-year-old actor, is getting a second chance in their relationship. So he’d best not make a mistake.

In fact, according to the tabloid, the award-winning actor has ended their relationship. When he finds his sweetheart snuggling up with her Marry Me co-star Maluma, he’s said to go nuts.

According to another shady source, J.Lo and Maluma are usually together and have created a closeness that irritates their partner. He despises it when a younger man flirts with his wife, yet it is said to bring out his competitive side.

The tipster continued, “There’s no way he’s going to let this punk win.” Suggest, of course, dismissed these questionable tales.

The source’s confusing language immediately indicates that it is unreliable. Maluma has been in a serious relationship since 2020, but she hasn’t disclosed it, so there’s no way he’s dating Jennifer Lopez.

It’s also worth noting that Ben Affleck and his girlfriend have both worked in the industry for decades and are unquestionably professionals. They also have a thorough understanding of the industry, thus these issues are unimportant to them.

In fact, according to the Mail on Sunday, they are intending to relocate to the United Kingdom this summer. The A-list couple is rumored to be looking for a new home on the outskirts of London, and the move may be linked to Ben Affleck’s role in the upcoming Barbie movie.

The film will be shot at Warner Bros.’ Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, so they’ll need somewhere to call home in the UK. The Deep Water star is said to be in talks with the film’s producers and might join Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken in the cast.

The A-list couple is said to have recruited estate agents to find them a suitable home to rent in southwest London. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently looking for a flat in London with the help of a very reliable team.

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