Jennifer Lopez Urges Ben Affleck to Quit Smoking Amid Social Outings with Friends

 Jennifer Lopez Urges Ben Affleck to Quit Smoking Amid Social Outings with Friends

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Jennifer Lopez is reportedly making a concerted effort to help her husband, Ben Affleck, quit smoking, according to a recent report from Life and Style. Sources close to the couple have indicated that Lopez has laid down some strict guidelines to ensure Affleck avoids smoking not just in their home but also in her presence.

Lopez, who has been vocal about her dislike for smoking, initially tolerated Affleck’s habit as it was his only remaining vice. However, the persistence of the habit has become increasingly bothersome for her, especially as she detests the smell of cigarette smoke on her clothing. Even though Affleck has taken to smoking outside, Lopez’s preference is for him to quit the habit entirely.

Given that Affleck successfully quit smoking in 2005 with the aid of hypnosis, Lopez is hopeful he can once again find a permanent solution. The issue of smoking is particularly poignant for Lopez, who prioritizes health and wellness. Her discomfort with cigarette smoke around her living spaces and family environment has pushed her to advocate for this significant change in Affleck’s lifestyle.

“I saw him and we just talked for like a minute and then I sat down and we did the read-through. I don’t remember a whole bunch more about it, but I remember being on the set with him every day and loving it,” the “On the Floor” hitmaker stated. When asked if she and Ben will ever work together again, Jennifer responded, “Maybe, in the right thing.” “I mean, we love working together and being together, so maybe,” she furthered.

In a separate vein of their personal lives, Jennifer Lopez was seen enjoying a leisurely outing in New York City with Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Damon. The group was spotted outside Sadelle’s in Manhattan’s SoHo area, as reported by PEOPLE. During the lunch, Lopez showcased her style in a cropped dark-green shirt paired with wide-leg trousers and platform heels, accessorizing with a green handbag. Matt Damon, dressed casually in a black shirt and khakis, and his wife, who wore all white, joined Lopez for what appeared to be a cheerful gathering.

Notably absent from the lunch was Ben Affleck, Lopez’s husband, and Damon’s longtime friend. Although it was not confirmed whether Affleck attended this particular outing, Damon has previously expressed strong support for Affleck’s renewed relationship with Lopez. Speaking to Extra in July 2021, Damon shared his happiness for the couple, noting his deep support and desires for their happiness, sentiments he reiterated in a later interview on “The Carlos Watson Show.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who first got engaged in late 2002 after meeting on the set of “Gigli,” had a highly publicized split in January 2004. However, the couple rekindled their romance in 2021 and were married the following year. In a February interview with Variety, Lopez reminisced about their initial meeting during a read-through for “Gigli,” marking the beginning of their long and storied relationship. As Lopez and Affleck navigate the complexities of their public and private lives, the focus remains on their support for each other in both personal growth and public endeavors.

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