Ben Affleck planning to move in with Jennifer Garner amid Lopez rift: Source

 Ben Affleck planning to move in with Jennifer Garner amid Lopez rift: Source

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Ben Affleck is reportedly leaning on his children and ex-wife Jennifer Garner amid marital issues with Jennifer Lopez. After moving out of Jennifer Lopez’s Los Angeles mansion, the acting sensation has been spending more time at Jennifer Garner’s place. According to sources, Garner has no objection to Affleck’s increased visits, which have become more frequent since he left Lopez and their shared home.

A source revealed, “Jennifer Garner understands the importance of Ben being present for their children and supports his frequent visits. She values their co-parenting relationship and is considering asking him to move in for the betterment of their children.”

Spilling the beans on this matter, a tipster told Closer Magazine, “Ben’s got a key to come and go as he pleases, and he’s been spending a ton of time at her place, coming over for dinners and hanging with the kids.” “It’s great for his state of mind and the kids love having him around,” the insider also added. “That’s why Jen’s open to the idea of having him move back in, she’s got a lot of space so he wouldn’t be in her way. She knows it would bring a lot of comfort to their kids,” they said in conclusion. 

The source further explained that Garner’s priority is the well-being of their three children, and having Affleck around more often provides a sense of stability and continuity for them. This arrangement is said to be beneficial for their family dynamics, especially during this challenging time for Affleck.

As Affleck navigates his marital troubles with Lopez, his connection with Garner and their children remains a cornerstone of his support system. This close-knit family approach highlights the amicable relationship between Affleck and Garner, who have consistently prioritized their children’s needs despite their divorce.

This development underscores the evolving nature of Affleck’s personal life, with his ex-wife and children playing a pivotal role in providing the stability and support he needs during difficult times.

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