Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Kids Urge Parents to Reconcile Before J.Lo’s 55th Birthday

 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Kids Urge Parents to Reconcile Before J.Lo’s 55th Birthday

Image Source: Getty / Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s children are stepping up to help their parents resolve their ongoing issues, hoping to prevent a separation. According to a recent report, the kids—Violet, Fin, Samuel, Max, and Emme—are eager to see their parents reconcile, especially before J. Lo’s 55th birthday is on July 24.

Despite their parents’ recent troubles, the blended brood remains close-knit and is encouraging Affleck and Lopez to work through their difficulties. A source told Daily Mail, “The kids think Jennifer and Ben are really, deeply in love, like soul mates, and they don’t want them to divorce.”

“They want them to work it out for better or for worse, like their vows said,” the insider added. “And they do feel that the two should continue counseling and talking it out, even if it is painful.”

The source also highlighted the strong bond among the kids, particularly Emme and Fin, who are best friends and talk every day. “They tell Ben and Jenny, hey, don’t give up, don’t lose this,” the source said. “They feel like if they do and say the right things, there could be more peace.”

The children are especially hopeful that their parents can reconcile before Lopez’s upcoming birthday so they can celebrate together as a family. However, they recognize that Affleck can be the “prickly one,” often grumpy despite being “very intelligent and funny.” The kids are encouraging him to lighten up and let things go.

For Lopez, the advice is to balance her work and relaxation. “She needs to work less and relax more,” the source said, noting that the twins’ father, Marc Anthony, has always told her to enjoy life more. “Now Max and Emme are doing the same.”

The children’s efforts to bring their parents back together highlight their hope for a peaceful resolution and a united family celebration for Lopez’s 55th birthday.

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