Angelina Jolie’s ‘Very Thin’ Appearance Sparks Concern ‘She’s Either Forgetting or Unwilling to Eat’

 Angelina Jolie’s ‘Very Thin’ Appearance Sparks Concern ‘She’s Either Forgetting or Unwilling to Eat’

Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Angelina Jolie’s recent red-carpet appearance at the Tony Awards has sparked concern among her loved ones, who noted that the actress looked “very thin.” A source revealed to RadarOnline, “She’s looking very thin, almost sickly, and probably doesn’t weigh more than 98 pounds.”

The insider continued, “She’s either forgetting or unwilling to eat. Pals are afraid she won’t be able to carry on like this.” This alarming observation has led to fears about her health and well-being.

Florida-based longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not personally treated Jolie, suggested that the actress may already be suffering from osteoporosis. “Angelina has severe loss of body fat, which is almost always associated with severe loss of muscle and bone,” Dr. Mirkin stated. He advised, “She should check with her doctor, who will order a bone density x-ray. Most likely it will show osteoporosis, and she will be given medication to treat it and instructions on resistance exercise.”

Adding to her stress, Jolie’s ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt over their French winery, Château Miraval, is believed to be a contributing factor to her “sudden weight loss.” Jolie recently lost a legal battle against Pitt, and in May, Judge Lia Martin dismissed her objections to Pitt’s request, ruling that she must produce every NDA she signed with third parties from 2014 to 2022.

The combination of legal stress and physical health concerns has raised red flags among those close to Jolie. They fear that the strain of her ongoing disputes and her apparent lack of appetite could take a significant toll on her health.

Angelina Jolie, known for her strong persona and resilience, now faces a challenging period where her well-being is in the spotlight. Friends and experts alike are urging her to seek medical advice and take necessary steps to ensure her health is not compromised further.

As the actress navigates her personal and legal battles, her supporters hope she will prioritize her health and seek the help she needs to regain her strength and well-being.

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