Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Would Never Play a Princess

 Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Would Never Play a Princess

Angelina Jolie “knew” her daughter Shiloh would turn down a role in ‘Maleficent’. The actress initially offered the part of young Aurora to the seven year old tomboy, but the youngster thought the idea of playing a princess was “very funny”, so it went to her five year old sister Vivienne instead.

Angelina Jolie photosAngelina said: “We knew she would [say no]. We mentioned the idea of playing a princess and she obviously thought it was very funny. She’s not that kind of girl.” Angelina Jolie was delighted at how easily her youngest girl adjusted to being on camera. She told ‘Access Hollywood’: “That’s just Vivienne. We call her my shadow. She’s a very… she’s wonderfully affectionate, very much a mommy’s girl and so it was a natural fit. It was very easy and very fun to do.” Meanwhile, Angelina’s co-star Sam Riley has revealed his 90 year old grandfather is one of the actress’ biggest fans.

Angelina Jolie imagesHe told E! News: “It was my grandfather’s 90th birthday while we were shooting and they changed the schedule so I could go home. She signed him a birthday card, which is pride of place in the kitchen. He shows it to everybody who comes around.” And the brunette beauty also impressed the actor’s parents. He added: “When my mom and dad came to visit she was so lovely with them that they floated back home. They’re still telling everyone.” -femalefirst

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