Singer and comedian! Adele’s bloopers video is sure to give you a laugh

 Singer and comedian! Adele’s bloopers video is sure to give you a laugh

Adele. Pic: Instagram

We all know that Adele’s singing talent is off the scale but it seems that she can add comedians to her ever-growing list of skills.

The megastar performer is currently preparing to release her first album in six years, 30, which is set to be a real emotional rollercoaster judging by her new single Easy On Me.

Fans have been preparing – and processing the major revelations Adele spilled in her Vogue interview – for weeks ahead of the record’s release date on Friday, October 15.

And now Adele has shared hilarious bloopers footage from the video shoot for the first single which we’re sure will provide you with a few laughs.

In the video, Adele is seen joking around on the phone asking if the person on the other end ‘can hear’ her while she stands outside and battles the wind.

Other clips show the star’s perfectly manicured nail trying and mostly failing to get the cassette to stay in the player of her car – a downside to a vintage ride!

Adele. Pic: Instagram

Adele also ends up with sheet music on her face during one of the scenes which sees her sitting surrounded by paper, much to her amusement

And our favorite part? Adele’s struggle with her now-viral vinyl coat of course. Since the video was released fans have gone wild for the coat and you can get a lookalike here.

Several clips show her trying to perfectly pick up a briefcase and put on her sunglasses before walking away only for the long jacket to get in her way. Showing her comedic timing, Adele perfectly delivers the line ‘this f*****g coat.’

Adele’s bloopers video comes after ITV confirmed that she’ll be doing a primetime special concert filmed at the stunning London Palladium.

The concert is set to air on November 21. We think two days is just about enough time to have learned all the lyrics on the new album and belt our hearts out alongside her!

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