Hi Jack Noseworthy-Happy birthday

 Hi Jack Noseworthy-Happy birthday

jack noseworthyHi Jack Noseworthy!

Wish you a warm Happy birthday in this freezing winter.

American actor Jack Noseworthy is celebrating his 47th birthday today. He was born on December 21, 1964 in Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.

Jack Noseworthy is known for playing role of Armand in the musical movie Lestat in 2005. He was then starred in Mother Courage and Her Children in 2006 and a short running drama series, Dead at 21.

Jack Noseworthy appeared as nightclub performer in 2006 with “You Don’t Know Jack!”.

Some of Jack Noseworthy films include Cecil B. Demented, Breakdown , Undercover Brother , The Sterling Chase, Phat Girlz, and Surrogates.

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