Alexis Jordan Birthday-Have a Cozy Time

 Alexis Jordan Birthday-Have a Cozy Time

Alexis Jordan SingerThe Happiness singer Alexis Jordan will be celebrating her 20th birthday today. She is a hardworking singer and actress from Columbia, South Carolina who caught attention for her uploaded cover songs.

American rapper Jay-Z and Norwegian production team Stargate signed Alexis Jordan for their label StarRoc/Roc Nation. Alexis Jordan’s debut single, “Happiness”, released in September 2010, achieved number one ranking in Norway and also in the Netherland.

Alexis Jordan released her self-titled debut album on February 25, 2011. She has also appeared in some television programs such as Emily’s Reasons Why Not, T4 on the Beach, The Xtra Factor and in film Honey 2.

We wish a very warm and cozy birthday to Alexis Jordan. May have many more in your life.

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