10 Things You Didn’t Learn About Sofia Richie

 10 Things You Didn’t Learn About Sofia Richie

Who’s Sofia Richie? Here’s 10 points you have to learn about this 16-year old.

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1. She’s a popular family. Sofia the child of Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie. She’s the brother of Miles Brock guy Richie and Nicole Richie. Sister -in law.

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2. She’s Material Girl’s brand new experience. Richie is just a design increasing, and she was simply called Madonna’s clothing line’s face area. Richie told Individuals, because I had been 5 “I am a Madonna obsesser, therefore it’s crazy this is happening.”

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3. She’s a sweetheart. Sofia is rumored to become dating Jake Andrews, observed within her Instagram picture:

Sofia Richie

4. She applied to grab her sister’s clothes. Richie admits that, up to this past year, she’d grab her sister’s outfits! She told People, “I might grab clothes out-of my sister’s wardrobe, like, all-day. That I might proceed inside and she’d drift off and get a lot of material. I felt such as a full on thief, but I suppose that’s what siblings are for: taking clothes.”

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5. Friends with Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The group all originate from renowned people, so that they possess a lot in keeping.

Sofia Richie

6. She’s about engaging in the music company thinking, like her father and step brother. She informed Teen Fashion, “I’m usually within the business with my father. Several songs were written by I’ve. I’ll start writing poems off freestyles, in beats.” She continued to express then I add, I am taken by “He towards the business for speech classes, and we create together. Cool. He’s among my best friends.”

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7. She lives in La, but desires of residing in Ny. She told after I turn 18, Elle, “I absolutely wish to proceed to Ny. I really like the So Ho vibe.”

Sofia Richie

8. She makes hearings on her behalf reality show that is sister’s. Richie has appeared Candidly Nicole, on Nicole’s reality show. View a cut below:

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9. She’s enthusiastic about jewelry. She informed Who-What Use that she likes to follow jewelry manufacturers on social networking. She described, “I follow lots of jewelry manufacturers. And so I enjoy following unique lines.” I’m enthusiastic about jewelry.

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10. She’s an incredible space. Here’s video evidence:

Hopefully you loved learning more!

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