“I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST!” Cardi B and Offset marriage hit with major blow amid troubles

 “I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST!” Cardi B and Offset marriage hit with major blow amid troubles

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Cardi B and Offset’s relationship, often in the spotlight, has been marked by its highs and lows. Their recent actions on social media have sparked speculation about the current state of their marriage. The couple’s decision to unfollow each other on Instagram, a significant move in today’s digital age, was first noticed by fans and has been interpreted as a sign of marital discord.

Cardi B’s cryptic Instagram story about outgrowing relationships and the necessity to prioritize her feelings over protecting others suggests a personal struggle and a possible shift in her outlook on her marriage. This was further underscored by Offset’s post, which drew from the iconic film “Scarface,” implying a stance of self-reliance and individual strength, told Page Six.

The couple’s journey has been tumultuous. After their marriage in 2017, they faced a major hurdle in 2018 with Offset’s infidelity, leading to a temporary split. Despite reconciling, they nearly divorced in 2020. The allegations of cheating have been a recurring theme, with Offset accusing Cardi B of the same earlier this year, allegations she firmly denied.

Despite these challenges, there have been moments of affection and deep connection. As recent as Cardi B’s last birthday, Offset demonstrated his love with extravagant gifts and openly shared his feelings about her, suggesting a strong bond despite their difficulties.

Their relationship, marked by its public nature and the couple’s candid sharing of their highs and lows, continues to be a subject of fascination and speculation among fans and observers.

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