Caitlyn Jenner Spills Kardashian Family Secrets in Explosive New Docuseries!

 Caitlyn Jenner Spills Kardashian Family Secrets in Explosive New Docuseries!

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The Kardashian dynasty is under the microscope in the hotly-anticipated docuseries, “House of Kardashian,” and Caitlyn Jenner is not holding back!

A teaser released on Thursday showcases Caitlyn, renowned Olympian and ex-spouse of Kris Jenner, hinting at Kim Kardashian’s strategic ascent to fame. “Did Kim strategically plan her rise to the top?” Caitlyn ponders, alluding to Kim’s infamous 2007 episode involving her ex-boyfriend, Ray J.

Joe Francis, an ex of Kourtney Kardashian and the mind behind “Girls Gone Wild,” dives deeper into the topic, suggesting, “Kim’s scandal was a catalyst, aimed at sparking controversy.”

The series, slated for a three-part release and produced by 72 Films alongside Sky Studios, promises exclusive insights, unheard stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the life of America’s most iconic reality TV family.

A highlight of the trailer is when Caitlyn is quizzed about her professional dynamics with Kris Jenner, her spouse of 23 years. Her response? An enigmatic laugh as the trailer cuts to black.

Caitlyn, in a subsequent statement, expressed her pride in her family and highlighted their unique charm in captivating global audiences. She reminisced, “My tenure on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ was a cherished chapter of my life.”

However, the rift is evident. In 2017, Caitlyn candidly revealed her strained relationship with the Kardashians, especially her disconnect from her ex-wife and stepchildren.

The cherry on top? Last year, Caitlyn voiced her disappointment publicly in missing out on the family’s new show, “The Kardashians.” Sharing her feelings on social media, she emphasized, “Being part of the show from the start and witnessing its evolution was a monumental experience.”

“House of Kardashian” is set to premiere on Sky Documentaries on Oct. 8, promising a riveting exploration of the highs and lows of Kardashian fame.

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