‘Desperate’: Caitlyn Jenner hits back against anti-Trump ‘homophobic’ video

 ‘Desperate’: Caitlyn Jenner hits back against anti-Trump ‘homophobic’ video


Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter to express her strong disapproval of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign, which shared a video attacking former President Trump’s past remarks about the LGBTQ community. Jenner accused DeSantis of sinking to a new low and criticized his desperate tactics to gain an advantage in the campaign. She emphasized that attacking integral members of the conservative movement won’t lead to victory in a general election or in 2028, using the hashtag #MAGA.

The video retweeted by DeSantis’s campaign featured images of Jenner, who publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2015, along with Trump’s comments expressing his comfort with her using any bathroom at Trump Tower. Trump also stated his commitment to protecting LGBTQ citizens. The campaign account known as the “DeSantis War Room” tweeted the video with the caption, “To wrap up ‘Pride Month,’ let’s hear from the politician who did more than any other Republican to celebrate it.”

The video then transitions to highlighting DeSantis’s policies on transgender individuals, using headlines that describe them as “extreme,” “draconian,” “totalitarianism in disguise,” and “unwarranted and un-American.” Last month, DeSantis signed several bills in Florida targeting transgender individuals, including restrictions on gender-affirming care for transgender children, bathroom restrictions based on gender identity, and limitations on preferred pronoun usage in schools for teachers and students.

The video’s content has drawn criticism from Republicans and LGBTQ groups alike. The Log Cabin Republicans, the largest GOP organization representing LGBTQ individuals, characterized DeSantis’s presidential campaign message as “divisive and desperate” and labeled the ad as “homophobic.” Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, and former New Jersey governor, also criticized DeSantis and Trump, likening the released ad to a “food fight” between teenagers.

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