Victoria Beckham ‘Surprised’ by Brooklyn and Nicola’s Plans to Start a Family

 Victoria Beckham ‘Surprised’ by Brooklyn and Nicola’s Plans to Start a Family

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Victoria Beckham experienced a moment of surprise when the topic of her potentially becoming a grandmother came up, especially as her son Brooklyn and his wife Nicola Peltz are contemplating starting a family. Sources close to Victoria reveal that the idea of stepping into the role of a grandmother has caught her off guard, primarily because she doesn’t feel that she has reached the age typically associated with this life stage.

In a recent interview, Victoria was asked if Brooklyn was planning a family with wife Nicola Peltz, and she responded with, “What? Woah. Hang on! I don’t think it’s happening just yet unless you guys know something that I don’t. It’s not happening just yet.”

Victoria’s reaction underscores a common sentiment shared by many at the prospect of transitioning to a new familial role, especially when it seems premature or unexpected. Despite her reservations, Brooklyn and Nicola have not been shy about their desire to embrace parenthood early on in their marriage. The couple has openly shared their aspirations to build a family together, indicating that the idea of having children has been a part of their plan for the future.

“Victoria was so shocked when she was asked about becoming a grandmother. She’s made it clear she thinks she’s far too young to be one right now,” the course told OK! Magazine. “She may no longer be a young Spice Girl dancing around the stage, but she’s also not at the age of being called a grandma just yet,” the tipster added.

The dynamic within the Beckham family, with Victoria grappling with her perceptions of age and familial roles, while her son and daughter-in-law are eager to embark on the journey of parenthood, highlights the diverse perspectives and life choices that can exist within a single-family unit. It also sheds light on the broader societal norms and expectations about the timing and progression of life stages, and how individuals navigate these milestones in their unique ways.

“I would love to have a family soon, but whenever my wife is ready. I could have, like, 10 children,” Brooklyn said. “My dad was young when he had me. I’ve always wanted to be a young dad. We would love to have a big family one day. We would love to have some of our own and we’d love to adopt. It’ll be so cool to have little Peltz-Beckhams running around.”

Victoria Beckham, known for her fashion empire and pop music legacy, now finds herself at a potential turning point in her personal life, as the family may soon welcome a new generation. This development not only marks a significant moment for Brooklyn and Nicola as they plan their future together but also signifies a shift in Victoria’s life narrative, as she contemplates the new dimensions that grandparenthood could bring to her family dynamics.

As the Beckhams continue to make headlines, the conversation around Victoria’s reaction to becoming a grandmother opens up broader discussions about age, family planning, and the evolving nature of family roles in contemporary society. It reflects the ongoing dialogue about how individuals and families adapt to life’s changes, balancing personal expectations with the realities of life’s unfolding chapters.

Nicola, who has seven siblings, said, “I love that he really wants to be a dad. Family is everything to me and I mean that with my whole heart.”

“I’m so close to mine and Brooklyn’s family and I think there’s no better feeling than knowing you have a strong support system. It’s such a blessing and I never take it for granted. We definitely want a big family. He has three siblings, I have seven,” she added. 

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