Britney Spears leaves out ‘nasty’ details about relationship with mom, sister from memoir

 Britney Spears leaves out ‘nasty’ details about relationship with mom, sister from memoir

Image by The Mirror

Britney Spears has chosen to exclude some potentially damaging details about her mother, Lynne Spears, and sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, from her book, The Woman In Me, leaving behind a painful past with them.

A source reported to Daily Mail that the Pop Princess voluntarily made this decision to remove all “unpleasant” content about them from her memoir, and it wasn’t coerced by her family members.

The pop superstar’s decision came after she reconciled with her mother and sister, and she decided not to aggravate the situation by sharing things she had written during periods of anger towards them.

The same insider shared with the publication that Britney was furious with her family for their actions during her 13-year conservatorship, and she was eagerly seeking clarity when she initially wrote her autobiography.

However, having now settled her disagreements with Lynne and Jamie, who are also supporting her through her healing process from the prolonged trauma, Britney feels there’s no need for the public to be privy to the previously intended revelations.

The source stated, “Britney independently chose to remove some of the damaging details she had written about Lynne or Jamie Lynn.”

The insider further explained, “When the book was initially drafted, Britney was not on talking terms with Lynne and Jamie Lynn. She was angry, eager for clarification, and had just survived 13 years of a personal nightmare.”

The source said Britney was initially puzzled as to why Lynne and Jamie didn’t rescue her when her father, James Spears, placed her under legal restriction.

However, the insider said, “She has now let go of all these feelings. She is on the path of recovery, and her mother and sister are assisting and healing as well. Her relationship with Jamie Lynn is better than ever before.”

The insider continued, stating that after reuniting with her younger sister, Britney, and Jamie have agreed to not publicly betray each other and to keep all family-related matters confined to their trio.

Addressing Jamie Lynn’s 2022 book, Things I Should Have Said, which contained sharp allegations about Britney, the insider mentioned, “There will be no more books after this.”

The source concluded by saying, “Britney and Jamie Lynn have made a pact to never publicly discredit each other again,” emphasizing that their relationship is now “the best it’s ever been.”

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