Britney Spears drops video with ex Sam Asghari, candidly reflects on love and loss

 Britney Spears drops video with ex Sam Asghari, candidly reflects on love and loss

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Britney Spears recently stirred emotions among her fans by posting a video that included her former spouse, Sam Asghari. This poignant share came as they approached the one-year mark since their separation, which occurred a mere 14 months following their nuptials. The video, which has since been removed, offered a glimpse into Spears’ introspection on themes of love, loss, and the personal growth stemming from her previous romantic endeavors.

In the video, Asghari appeared without a shirt, engaging in a dance with Spears, who is often dubbed the Princess of Pop. This visual moment was accompanied by a caption where Spears initiated a heartfelt narrative with the words, “The time he picked me up.” This introductory line sets the tone for a deeper reflection on her emotional journey, told Page Six.

Spears, who first crossed paths with Asghari on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video back in 2016, opened up about the changes in her perception of trust over the years. She reminisced about a time when her youth afforded her the luxury of trusting more freely, a time before she became acquainted with the harsher realities of the world. This candid admission highlighted a contrast between her past naivety and her current guardedness, stemming from her life experiences.

“It’s weird cause there are always strange turns for relationships with friends family or your loved ones in the of any journey you’re on with someone !!!” Spears added. “Looking back is hard sometimes but it’s honestly crucial … I’m honestly too sensitive in most situations.”

She went on to add, “I speak about my past sometimes because I want to protect myself from the same mistakes as before !!! What I usually do if I’m going through too much is shut down but I sometimes lose the ability to figure out what’s going on or how I feel at all !!!”

“Sometimes I’m scared to feel anything ’cause I know I’m too sensitive. Being numb is the worst, I think, but there’s safety in that cause I feel like I’m subconsciously protecting myself from feeling any importance at all !!! It’s tricky cause that’s what people can take advantage of.

In her message, Spears chose not to single out individuals by name but conveyed a sense of vulnerability by sharing an intimate detail from her past relationship. She recounted being told by someone she deeply cared for that her appearance was unworthy of attention, a comment that evidently left a lasting impact on her self-esteem. Through sharing this, Spears aimed to convey her ongoing struggle with feeling inadequate and her efforts to delve into her own psyche to uncover and understand the roots of these feelings.

“I miss being vulnerable and open with people,” she penned in her lengthy caption. “If you know me, you know how I love … I love too much it’s embarrassing and I will love you for life !!!” “Honestly there is an all-knowing spiritual eye that knows the truth and triggers to why we do things as people. It’s important to go in there and figure it out yourself !!!” 

The essence of Spears’ post was not just about recounting past hurts but also about the journey of self-discovery and healing. By revisiting these moments and emotions, Spears expressed a desire to confront and comprehend the underlying reasons for her insecurities. Her candidness in sharing these reflections offered a glimpse into her personal evolution and her continuous effort to reconcile with her past in order to embrace a healthier self-perception and well-being.

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