Billy Ray Cyrus Seeks Reconciliation with Miley Cyrus After Grammy Omission

 Billy Ray Cyrus Seeks Reconciliation with Miley Cyrus After Grammy Omission


Billy Ray Cyrus has been making efforts to reconnect with his daughter Miley Cyrus following her recent Grammy victory, amidst reports of a growing estrangement between the two. Sources close to Billy Ray have conveyed to US Weekly his attempts to congratulate Miley on her Grammy success and his desire to mend their relationship, especially after she notably omitted mentioning him during her acceptance speech.

The tension within the Cyrus family became public when Tish Cyrus, Miley’s mother, filed for divorce from Billy Ray in April 2022, ending their three-decade-long marriage. Insiders revealed to E! News that the divorce had a significant impact on Miley’s relationship with her father, making it challenging for them to maintain a strong connection over the past year.

The family dynamics took another turn when Tish Cyrus remarried, exchanging vows with “Prison Break” actor Dominic Purcell. The wedding ceremony saw the attendance of Miley and her older siblings, Trace and Brandi Cyrus, while Noah and Braison Cyrus chose not to participate. A few months following Tish’s remarriage, Billy Ray also entered into a new marriage with Johanna Firerose Hodges.

The source added to US Weekly that Noah has maintained a close bond with Billy Ray, which has contributed to the growing rift between her and Miley, who is particularly close to their mother, Tish. The divorce and subsequent remarriages of their parents have led to a more pronounced division within the family, affecting the relationships among the siblings, particularly between Miley and Noah.

Further complicating family relations, another insider shared with the US that the siblings have reservations about their mother’s new partner, Dominic, which has added strain to their relationship with Tish. In October 2023, Noah indirectly addressed the family discord through a TikTok post that critiqued Miley’s comments about her during a 2020 interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where Miley spoke about Noah living in her shadow.

The Cyrus family has yet to publicly address the rumors surrounding their internal conflicts. However, Miley’s decision to exclude Billy Ray from her Grammy acceptance speech, followed by an Instagram post where she again omitted him from an extended expression of gratitude, has fueled further speculation about the state of their familial bonds.

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