Bill Maher Decides against Kanye West after 2 hour Podcast

 Bill Maher Decides against Kanye West after 2 hour Podcast

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In a surprising turn of events, Bill Maher decided not to release a podcast episode featuring Kanye West, despite having what he described as an “amazing, fun time” during their two-hour recording. Maher, 68, shared insights from the unreleased podcast on the February 5 episode of TMZ Investigates, noting the charismatic yet controversial nature of his guest.

Maher expressed that he initially saw the conversation with West, 46, as a potential “learning moment.” However, the dialogue took a turn that led Maher to reconsider sharing the episode with the public.

He stated, “He’s a very charming antisemite… It’s not like the Jews are universally loved except for Kanye West,” highlighting the complexities of West’s views and the broader social context.

The decision to withhold the podcast comes as West is about to release “Vultures,” his latest collaboration album with Ty Dolla $ign. The album has already sparked discussions, particularly with lyrics from the title track and its use of artwork by Caspar David Friedrich, a painter whose work was admired by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Maher’s choice reflects a careful consideration of the impact of giving a platform to certain discussions, especially in light of the provocative content associated with West’s upcoming album.

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