Bianca Censori as she becomes ‘publicity stunt’ on Easter outing with Kanye

 Bianca Censori as she becomes ‘publicity stunt’ on Easter outing with Kanye

ShotbyJuliann / BACKGRID

Bianca Censori experienced no break from the public eye during the Easter holiday, as she was spotted out and about with Kanye West and his children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. The group was seen celebrating the festive occasion together, with Bianca donning a form-fitting silver jumpsuit.

She was observed holding her phone in front of her as she led the way for the family. Kanye, known for his music career and often referred to by his album title “Carnival,” chose the upscale Nobu in Malibu as the dining spot for the family outing, including his children and their stepmother, Bianca.

The outing highlights the family’s efforts to maintain a sense of normalcy and celebration during holiday times, despite the constant attention from the public and media. “Even a trip to the loo could turn into an epic, Houdini-style struggle in an outfit like this,” she told The Mirror.

Judi highlighted what made Bianca look like a “publicity stunt”: “Walking ahead of the group adds to this suggestion of being singled out. It makes her look like the publicity stunt rather than the cool step-mom.”

She added: “While the others walk hand-in-hand with their heads down Bianca is her usual upright, overly-visible self. The one walking ahead of a family group can often look like the leader but, with her phone in one hand, Bianca’s positioning makes her look more like a PR going ahead of her celebrities.”

Concluding her analysis, Judi compared Bianca’s recent outing with past ones with Kanye’s kids: “Some of Bianca’s family outings have revealed some very sweet, fun and close bonds with Kanye’s children, especially when she is dressed in a similar way to the rest of the group and looking able to relax with them, but here she’s back into what looks like discomfort and singling-out mode.”

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