Expert Predicts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to Announce Divorce Post-Tour

 Expert Predicts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to Announce Divorce Post-Tour

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Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has predicted that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will announce their divorce after the conclusion of Lopez’s upcoming tour, “This Is Me… Live.” During a conversation on Kinsey Schofield’s Unfiltered podcast, Hilton discussed the couple’s relationship and the timing of the potential breakup announcement.

Hilton suggested that Affleck is delaying the announcement of their separation out of consideration for Lopez’s current professional commitments. Her tour, originally named “This Is Me… Now” and recently rebranded to “This Is Me… Live: The Greatest Hits,” has reportedly struggled with ticket sales, leading to several concert cancellations. The rebranding appears to be a strategic move to draw in more fans by focusing on Lopez’s well-known hits rather than her latest songs, which may not have resonated as strongly with her audience.

“Their relationship is over,” Hilton stated bluntly, adding, “Ben is just being a supportive love by trying to stall the news as much as possible until her tour is over.” He highlighted the challenges Lopez has faced with her tour, noting the “negative headlines about poor ticket sales” and the subsequent cancellations of many shows.

Speculation about the state of Affleck and Lopez’s marriage began to intensify following reports by In Touch Weekly, which noted that the couple had not made a public appearance together in 47 days. Further fuel was added to the rumor mill when a source told Us Weekly that Affleck and Lopez were experiencing marital issues and that Affleck had moved out of their shared Los Angeles home. This source also mentioned Affleck’s current involvement in filming the sequel to his 2016 movie, “Accountant.”

Hilton concluded his remarks by expressing confidence that the public would “get an official announcement that they’re divorcing” shortly after the tour’s conclusion. This prediction casts a shadow over what many fans considered one of Hollywood’s most beloved reunions, as Affleck and Lopez had rekindled their romance after years apart, capturing headlines and public fascination.

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