Barbra Streisand slams Donald Trump for his ‘lies’

 Barbra Streisand slams Donald Trump for his ‘lies’

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Barbra Streisand has recently expressed strong disapproval of Donald Trump, particularly highlighting his dissemination of what she considers falsehoods, as he faces a financial lawsuit in New York City. The timing of her criticism coincides with Trump’s renewed presidential campaign ambitions despite ongoing legal scrutiny.

A few weeks prior, Streisand voiced her concerns over social media about the potential implications of Trump running for the presidency again while entangled in significant legal challenges. Her critique extends beyond mere political opposition; she seems deeply troubled by the ethical and legal controversies surrounding Trump, which she believes compromises his suitability for presidential duties, told OK Magazine.

On Wednesday, Barbra took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and proclaimed, “Trump is like a broken record endlessly repeating his lies, that he is the victim of a ‘witch hunt,’ is ‘innocent,’ and ‘I’ve never broken the law.’” “Get a grip, Donald! You have been indicted in four separate jurisdictions with 91 different felony charges,” wrote the 81-year-old singer.

On April 4, the singer wrote on X, “Trump thinks the January 6th committee should go to jail. Here is Trump projecting again because he knows down deep that he’s the one who should go to jail.”

“Without Democrats being in charge there would be no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or access to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act. Republicans want to privatize or abolish these programs. Voters should be well aware of their intentions,” explained the Guilty crooner.

Barbra mentioned, “You can’t stop women wanting control over their own bodies. Some women don’t even know they’re pregnant until ten to twelve weeks. The GOP will feel this at the ballot box in November.”

“[Cheney] should go to Jail along with the rest of the Unselect Committee!” penned Donald. To which Liz clapped back and said, “Hi Donald: you know these are lies. You have had all the grand jury & J6 transcripts for many months. You’re trying to halt your 1/6 trial because your VP, WH counsel, WH aides, campaign & DOJ officials, etc will testify against you. You’re afraid of the truth and you should be.”

In a related development, there has been a recent revelation involving Representative Liz Cheney and a Secret Service agent. Trump alleged that Cheney had conducted an interview with the agent, following the release of testimony that was part of a broader investigative report. This claim has added another layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding Trump, intertwining political, legal, and personal dimensions.

The trial in New York, where Trump is a defendant, involves allegations of financial misconduct that have captured national attention. The case is part of a broader examination of Trump’s business dealings and their legality, a topic that has been a focal point in the media and among public discourse. Streisand, like many others, appears to be closely following these developments, reflecting a broader public concern about accountability and transparency in leadership positions.

Streisand’s outspoken stance reflects her long-standing engagement with political and social issues. Known for not just her entertainment career but also her activism, Streisand uses her platform to influence public opinion and encourage a more informed electorate. Her critique of Trump is consistent with her history of advocating for what she sees as ethical governance and integrity in public office.

As Trump navigates his legal and political challenges, the reactions from public figures like Streisand highlight the intersecting paths of American politics, celebrity influence, and legal accountability. These interactions underscore the ongoing debates about the role of former and potential future leaders in shaping the political landscape, especially when legal allegations pose significant questions about their conduct.

The situation continues to unfold as more information becomes available through legal proceedings and public disclosures. The involvement of figures like Cheney and the mention of the Secret Service contribute to the intricate tapestry of events that will likely influence public perceptions and the political climate leading up to the next presidential election. As these events develop, they will undoubtedly continue to provoke discussion and debate among observers and participants alike, each adding their voice to the narrative that shapes the nation’s political future.

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