Amber Rose tells Who She ‘Loved More’ Between Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa: “That’s not even a question”

 Amber Rose tells Who She ‘Loved More’ Between Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa: “That’s not even a question”

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Amber Rose has revealed who she “loved more” of her two prior rap partners, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

In an interview with podcast host Sofia Franklyn, Rose was quick to respond, saying there “wasn’t even a question” of who she had stronger feelings for.

“Wiz, girl. That’s not even a question,” Rose said while laughing. “I think people like to ask about my relationship with Kanye, but it was 13 years ago, guys. I obviously have to bring him up because he’s a huge part of my story and how I got here.”

She added: “But no, I feel like people are obsessed with that because it was a great time in pop culture, but in my personal life it is not relevant.”

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose married in July 2013 after two years of dating, but Rose filed for divorce in September 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, their nine-year-old son, is in their shared care.

While Wiz’s suspected infidelity was mentioned as a possible reason for the divorce, the couple maintained a strong relationship after their separation. Rose stated in 2016 that she and Wiz were “best of friends” and that they still partied together on occasion.

“It’s so crazy that we are literally the best of friends,” she told SiriusXM’s B Real With Bethenny. “We hang out all the time. We have full family days with the baby. We just went out to a strip club the other night together — without the baby. We just had a great fuckin’ time. We spent like [$30,000] on strippers. It was sick. It was so cool.”

She went on to say that their marriage was “rushed” since they were so in love.

“I feel like we just rushed into marriage because we were so deeply in love, and we kind of had a rough patch in our marriage,” she said. “And because we were married, it kind of, like, brought it to the next level.”

The Slut Walk co-founder has been working on her own music career recently and released her debut single “GYHO,” which translates to “Get Your Hoe On,” last year.

The single placed a provocative spin on the Big Tymers’ 2000 hit “Get Your Roll On” and was actually produced by Mannie Fresh.

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