“Did it all by myself”Amber Rose slams claims she dated Kanye West for money

 “Did it all by myself”Amber Rose slams claims she dated Kanye West for money

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Amber Rose recently opened up about the challenging financial conditions she faced after her breakup with Kanye West. During a candid interview with Jason Lee on his show, the 40-year-old model shared insights into the struggles she endured around the time she and the Grammy-winning rapper went their separate ways. Rose, who has made a name for herself both on and off the runway, recounted the tough times that followed the end of her two-year relationship with West in 2010, told OK! Magazine.

In her pursuit to rebuild her life and career post-breakup, Rose turned to social media for support. She created an account on the platform X, which was known as Twitter at the time, and reached out to Nicki Minaj, another powerhouse in the music industry, for assistance in gaining visibility. Rose’s efforts paid off when Minaj gave her a shoutout, resulting in a surge of approximately 350,000 new followers. This boost in online presence marked the beginning of Rose’s journey to regain her footing in the entertainment world.

“When I left I had no money. I had absolutely nothing. I had no money at all. I had nothing,” she told host Lee, adding, “I had a passport.” “I was doing North Carolina, Memphis, Atlanta” while charging $2500 “all in” for public appearances at events, Rose shared. Amber also shut down claims about dating Kanye for fame and money, saying: “I Did it all by myself. I did the groundwork.”

One of the more humbling moments Rose shared involved her interaction with a property owner. She described how she found herself in a position where she had to “beg” the owner to allow her to occupy an empty apartment rent-free for a brief period of three months. This anecdote underscores the severity of the financial constraints she was under following her split from West.

Throughout the conversation, Rose also addressed the rumors and speculations that have followed her since her relationship with the rapper. She vehemently refuted claims that her involvement with West was motivated by a desire for fame or financial gain. Emphasizing her independence and resilience, Rose stated, “I did it, by myself. I did the groundwork.” Her statement reflects her determination to build her career on her own terms, without relying on the influence or resources of others.

Despite the initial setbacks, Rose’s story is one of remarkable turnaround and empowerment. By 2011, just a year after her breakup with West, she achieved a significant milestone by earning her first million dollars. This achievement not only marked a financial upturn but also symbolized Rose’s ability to overcome adversity and establish herself as a successful and self-sufficient individual in the entertainment industry. Her journey from facing financial difficulties to achieving financial independence serves as a testament to her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit.

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