“I’m going back to school!’ Amanda Bynes Set for Further Education Following Cosmetology Exam Setback

 “I’m going back to school!’ Amanda Bynes Set for Further Education Following Cosmetology Exam Setback

Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski/YouTube

Amanda Bynes, the 38-year-old star who once graced the silver screen with her presence, has encountered a setback in her journey toward a new career path in cosmetology. The former actress, who stepped away from the Hollywood spotlight over a decade ago amid various personal challenges, has recently divulged that she did not pass her manicurist license examination.

This revelation came through a candid update she shared with her followers on social media late Monday evening, shedding light on her current academic and professional pursuits. In her quest to carve out a new career in the field of cosmetology, Bynes initially completed her education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2018, reported Daily Mail.

Following her graduation, she embarked on a journey to delve deeper into cosmetology, with a particular focus on becoming a skilled manicurist. However, the journey has proven to be more challenging than anticipated, as Bynes disclosed her need to return to school to enhance her understanding of manicurist theory and refine her practical skills in acrylic nail application.

Bynes’s determination to overcome this hurdle is evident in her commitment to further education. She expressed her intentions to immerse herself in the study of manicurist theory and engage in hands-on practice, all with the goal of successfully passing the board examination on her subsequent attempt. This proactive approach highlights her dedication to achieving her goal of securing a position in a nail salon, where she can put her skills to professional use.

This pivot towards cosmetology marks a significant transition for Bynes, who has sought to redefine her career and personal life following her departure from the entertainment industry. Her venture into the world of beauty and fashion initially saw her graduating with accolades from a prestigious design institute, followed by her foray into cosmetology.

The decision to focus on obtaining her manicurist license comes after Bynes ventured into the world of podcasting, a project she ultimately decided to abandon after just one episode. Despite the initial success and encouragement from friends to continue, Bynes opted to prioritize her aspirations in the cosmetology sector, expressing a desire for a more stable and fulfilling professional endeavor.

Bynes’s journey from Hollywood starlet to aspiring manicurist reflects a profound personal transformation, underscored by her resilience in the face of setbacks and her unwavering commitment to pursuing a new direction in her career. As she prepares to retake her board examination, her story serves as a testament to the possibility of reinvention and the pursuit of new passions, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

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